After being restricted from Xanax 5x2mg tabs p/day, i was given lorazepam in between to help me, they did nothing for me after giving them a full week trial, i was taking 2mg tabs 5per/day no results if anything they made me worse. Theyve now given me Ativan 2.5mg 1tab 3xp/day & wondering what type of result i should b feeling?? Do they work like lorazepam & slowly build up in your system or should after taking a dose i should know quite quickly??? Ive had 3wks of hell so far trying all these alternatives until they can get me into a specialist so he can assess me & see that the Xanax worked for me & gave me a quality of life i was able to enjoy & function like everyone else in the community. Does anyone have an answer for me please??? Cheers Paul