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I was just put on 40 mg of Latuda 1xday. Am I going to gain alot of weight?

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Marvell 29 Apr 2014

That's very difficult to say ... not everyone experiences side effects so we can't say that you definitely will gain weight on Latuda. Hope for the best though.

sruasonid 30 Apr 2014

I've been on Latuda 40 mg/day since July 2011 together with Depakote ER 1500 mg/day which I've been on since 1995. I weigh 97 pounds and have trouble keeping weight on. My pdoc switched me to Latuda when it came out even though it hadn't yet been approved for Bipolar because it doesn't cause horrible weight gain or have the serious side effects of Zyprexa which I was on for many years before. Zyprexa worked great for me but I was scrawny all my life till Zyprexa; in 8 months I gained over 100 pounds and it was caused by metabolic changes, not eating more. It can cause diabetes because of the metabolic changes too, so that's why the switch. Latuda works every bit as well but at a smaller dose and without the weight gain and I haven't had any side effects at all. Maybe it's different for other people but this is my experience. It worked fast, too.

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K-Lab 4 Jun 2014

I have heard of people gaining weight on Latuda, and I have also seen a skinny 19 year old who had been taking 500 mg of Seroquel nightly. If you read the side effects weight gain and weight loss are ones. I thankfully lost weight after getting up to 186 lbs (I don't know why I have the same clothes, I was the chubby short guy unaware that my shirt was hugging my love handles). After loosing the initial weight that Latuda took off I started doing something new to me and exercising, well, walking, and I'm back to a healthy 128 lbs, I'm short so yes, I should weigh as much as a 16 year old. I really hope you lose weight. It's difficult taking a med that actually helps you but you just don't feel good in your own skin because of the weight you've gained.

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