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Pustular psoriasis patches on the palms?

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razzyg1 5 May 2011

Pustular psoriasis on the hands is in my opinion the absolute worst! My very first outbreak 30 years ago was pustular on my hands and feet! It can also form on your nails causing them to look blistered then they peel. My dermatologist at the time gave me a coal tar ointment and had me slather it on and wear white cotton socks on both hands and feet when I went to bed. I used to soak them until they were softer before putting on ointment. Unfortunately there is no easy or quick fix for this, just stay vigilant and be patient and never give up.

liatards 7 Dec 2011

I get it now Just on my hands in the Same areas Every time. It pops up when I get really stressed out or angry, & each month when I'm about to start my period. I'm not on prescribed meds yet 'cause my doc said its a gazillion dollars a month for meds & my insurance right now won't pay for it. So I just use ProActive's Refining Mask & then creamy petroleum jelly for the itching. It's so embarrassing on my hands that I will wrap my fingers in gauze to hide it when I go out. If not, you get the "looks" like you're infectious or something. Pretty depressing. free discount card

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