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We just got a puppy and she itches herself bad. Now all of us are itching including my dog. Help!!?

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Stephen Treloar 7 Jan 2017

Your puppy is riddled with fleas, it has transported adult fleas into your house and the eggs are hatching because heating is on medium to high. Look around the rims of your socks and you should see small red spots which are bite marks.

You are going to have to wash the pup thoroughly in anti-flea detergent (use the shower cubicle or a bath with a nice big quarter gallon (1 litre) scoop to wash and rinse it thoroughly. At about thee same time you are going to turn off all electrical appliances and gas pilot lights and flea bomb your house; two cans does an average house, wait the hour and return and open all windows to air the house of combustible gases (flea bombs). DON'T smoke during this procedure with the flea bombs. Blowing up your house would be an extreme way of getting rid of fleas.

Good luck and ring up the seller and give them a rocket over the flea infestation. free discount card

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