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My puppy (50 lbs) 5 1/2 months old has eaten some homeopathic flu medicine. Need advice?

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chuck1957 21 Dec 2014

Sorry hope all is okay just ran into this but do you have a natural vet or a homeopathic doctor that would know this medication just that it is a pretty good size dog and if he/she did not get that much all should be okay is there a label where you can someone compare it to a child or a er place for anamils there is a vet site on ours at the start on a drop down screen and also a natural medicine site you can look at if you need some help let me know,hope all is well should be through the system pretty much now..chuck1957 just comment on this post if you need some help with the name of the medication so i can see what is in it and about how much you think the puppy got... Sorry we are better than this at answering but its been a bit back logged Merry Christmas would like to know and hope all is okay free discount card

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