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What would cause one pupil to be vary small and one vary large?

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Stephen Treloar 1 Nov 2016

An acquired brain injury.

Windchimes123 1 Nov 2016

Wait !
This could be very serious!
Or it could be eye drops or funky contact lenses.
Since it's Halloween, I'm speculating it is something you saw and are now curious?
Eye drops - used when the eye doc "dilates" your eyes to make the examine more visible to his eye. I've never heard of just one being done because it could lead to a ghastly headache. It will get better when the med where's off.
Perhaps someone used it as part of his costume effect? If this is the case then they would have obtained it by "borrowing". It's not a script type med.

If it is #1 you MUST take the person to the ER ASAP! It is a sign of a serious brain injury ! (If it is of new onset and the oerson is unaware).
I'm willing to bet it was a Halloween prank.
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