There has been a pungent odor coming from my vagina from the last 2-3 months, although it can be smelled only when u come near it. But, it increases if there is any sexual activity, especially fingering. I have been sexually active since the last 5 months only. Also, I have tiny paper-tear like cuts on the opening which I discovered back then only. The odor is like that of stale blood but its always there, however, I have seen no blood during the intercourse ever. Also, the urine has weird odor (unlike how it used to be earlier). I visited my gynae one and half month back but she just examined it without recommending any tests and said its fine, although I didn't tell her that I'm sexually active.
This smell is bothering me a lot now. Should I take this as a sign of cervical cancer and undergo PAP tests? My partner doesn't have STD s and I have never been into sexual activity before. What should I do?