I am a self pay patient, so the doctors don't seem to want to help at all. I can't get my questions answered, they just keep telling me to spend hundreds more to see another doctor, then another, none of whom will answer my questions, or return my calls. They won't even conclusively tell me why I have it, or if it will get better. I've heard everything from Asthma to virus to CHF. The Lasix makes me sick, and when I run out, my only option is to keep spending thousands of dollars I don't have in the ER just to have pills thrown at me and no answers. Is there anything I can do? Is there a website for patient advocacy for this kind of thing? How do I get a doctor to tell me what is going on? The pulmonologist said it was Asthma putting strain on my heart, sent me home with a pulse ox of 82, "forgot" to call in a script for H2O for three days (with me calling every day for it) then "fudged" the records when I landed in the ER saying pulse ox was 91 and H2O was refused. So clearly, he is not going to help me. I can't get in to see a PCP for a month, I can't afford another specialist after the pulmonology cluster. I don't know what to do. I'm 38 years old, have three little kids and don't want to leave them motherless because no doctor will help me. Any advice?