... pain, I just had blood work up on march 26,2014 came back neg for arthritis, Pain all my joint kill it's 10 level in pain. I take Tylenol #4 2 pill no relief , my hands joints, ankles, toe joints, hip joints, pain level is high every day. and skin rashes ever day for the last 15 years on my head neck with red skin color all the time as if I have sun burn. I have been tested for carcinoid synddrome and that came back negitive. Is this caused by my beryllium dust exposure in 1972. I was in the army and the army has taken full response ability for for my beryllium exposure. But they say they don't have much info on skin rashes and joint pain I need help to get more info on skin and join pain. Even though I found many documents on it. I need a doctor or some one that knows a lot about berylliosis. Thank you