I really need a peace of mind here, I have been having crazy anxiety and I really need someone to help me please.
I got my period january the 20th until the 25th and I had unprotected sex on the 26th, a day after my period. He did not ejaculate in me or anything but to be safe I took plan b. 2 days after plan B, it gave me a week period (withdrawal bleeding). I had sex again last night but he pulls out, he does not ejaculate in me and I know this is risky but I do see him ejaculate on me and I was just wondering if I could be pregnant still.. I am expected to get my period the 17th, I was just wondering is plan B going to affect my next period? And is the pull out method actually reliable if he knows what he's doing.
After this month, I am planning on going on birth control because I can't keep doing this to myself.
Someone please give me advice, I would really appreciate it.