... wish to take it that much for breast enlargement, but mostly for all the other youth benefits.
1. So, I am 33 years old. Is my age ok to start taking pueraria mirifica?
2. When, during my cycle is it the right time to start taking it?
3. Should I stop taking it for some days during my cycle?
4. For how long is it safe to take pueraria mirifica supplement? Should I be taking it for ever? With pauses or without pauses?
5. I am planning to start trying to get pregnant in the late summer. Should I stop taking pueraria mirifica then? How long before I start trying to get pregnant should I stop it?
6. What about the dosage? As I mentioned at the beginning, I don't wish to take it for breast enlargement but for all the other benefits and I don't wish to take a large daily dose as I am also a little afraid. What daily dose should I take? Thanks in advance for all the help!