I started feeling insecure by people and by my self because my voice even chnaged. Like I became emotinal. Ever see a movie where it shows a woman on the couch crying eating ice cream? I felt like that and I'm a guy.lol I also was sleeping 18 hours a day and my concentrartion has gotten worst over 3 years now when this all started. I hit an IED and since then these issues. I was put on ritalin and citrolopram for moods, but it has helpled me in my sleeping issues to now. Now I just hope my pysciall energy comes back along with my personality. Like once a week I feel good, then the other days I feel not like a kid since I started this med 2 months ago, but still not myself. I even had a anger outburst a week ao. Glad it happend though so the doctor can see what I mean by I still dont feel like personality has come back until i snapped that day. kind of blacked out and woke up in my chair. it was like being drunk you remeber things then don't remeber falling a sleep. I do have a neuropsychological test coming up in two months. maybe this will help in finding my personality chnage and concentration issues? I'm 33 by the way. this all started actually almost 4 years ago when I hit an IED but about 5 months after the IED, this is when I had a complete mood chnage. I remeber it very well, it was like something was shut off. I did feel this affect again when i started citrolopram but still I dont feel 100 better more like 50% but again its been 2 months now, maybe give med more time?