I've been in therapy and have been prescribed Citalipram, diazapam, prozasin, ans trazadone for the last 15 years. Heeding my first therapists warning that the reason so many people relapse back into bipolar behaviors is because they start to feel better and stop taking their medications. So I determined not to make that mistake. I've live a life as near to normal (that setting on the dishwasher not life) that I thought was possible considering what life off the meds is like for me and worse for others. However I have never been able to achieve what my psychiatrist calls a balanced terrace! So a few months ago he came back from a conference filled with all these new studies and would I take part in a new study on the bipolar condition. Without getting to lengthy here part of the study included hypnosis and regression sessions. Wow talk about rock my world again and again! At the completion of the study I had way more information than I cared to ever recall, I had 4 new disorder diagnosis and a sleep study showed a big fat 0 zero for delta sleep. My meds were changed and believe me that was as bad a jolt as the new information that seems, he said, to have been neatly tucked away in dusty file boxes in my brain. Did my psychiatrist just jump on a new band wagon? Is it possible to have been being treated for a bipolar condition for 12 years and NOT be bipolar? And from the looks of the new Med list I'm beginning to wonder if my body (one kidney only) is going to be able to handle this? Being bipolar didn't scare me, what he is suggesting now terrifies me! Any suggestions or answers? Thanks so much.