I have been taking Risperdal for almost two months now for psychosis. I've had a lot of success with it, but after having an acute dystonic reaction to a higher dose, hearing about the potential for tardive dyskinesia, and experiencing the side effects of the drug, I'd like to see if I can get off it and try just therapy instead.

Just to describe the reason that I'm on Risperdal, I was having hallucinations that people were close to me. I could cognitively process that there was indeed no one nearby, but I nevertheless had these "senses" -- but not visual, auditory, or tactile, just thoughts -- about the people being there. I'm wondering if these hallucinations could have been produced by my OCD or anxiety, as I've also been diagnosed with these, and the hallucinations were related to an OCD obsession that I was having at the time. Therapy wasn't very successful at helping me with these hallucinations, but I was only around for less than a month, and maybe with a better therapist I could see some results. What do you think?