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Why dont psychiatrists prescribe tramadol for severe anxiety?

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Delila 28 Dec 2015

Hi, whilst Tramadol is now known to possess SSRI properties, it is above all an analgesic. It can also cause dependency issues. In several countries, it is now a controlled substance. There are MANY other medications that are much more suitable for treating anxiety...

irishrose79 28 Dec 2015

I take two controlled substances already. Ativan 4x a day and clonopin 2mg 2x daily. They don't do what tramadol does. Plus now I am also on sarequel at night.

Delila 29 Dec 2015

Hi, i totally get where you are coming from... I used to take Tramadol and they made me feel fantastic, but i also developed a severe dependency issue due to taking increasingly high doses to get the same effect. Doctors know about the SSRI effects, but it is against their license to prescribe Tramadol for anything else but pain

Misha6 28 Dec 2015

In addition to depression I also have generalized anxiety disorder. I take 3 mg of ativan a day and 300 mg of seroquel for my anxiety. It has been my experience that these two drugs definitely help my anxiety. I have taken tramadol in the past for pain only. In my experience it never helped me with my anxiety issues.
If you are now taking any medication for your anxiety and it does not seem to be working I would suggest that you talk this over with your doctor. There are many anxiety medications that could be helpful for you. Hope you are feeling better soon.

irishrose79 28 Dec 2015

I take both of them plus 2 mg 2x daily of clonopin and I still don't feel right. free discount card

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