My wife is taking .5 mg klonopin 30mg cymbalta, and 50 mg seroquil at bedtime and shes a zombie?she went to the dr and after 20 minuites he had her go be admited to a psychiatric hospital and she just doesnt seem right. shes like a zombie and i can only see her for a hour in the evening. i talk to her on the phone everyday 4-5 times and she was slurring her speech and just not acting like her full of life self. she went there because she was mollested as a child - age 18 and has nightmares. she forgives the person who did it to her but she sees dark figures with snakes as arms. but her being in this hospital for 3 days hasn't seemed to help her. her dr recommended that she go there so he could spend more time with her and he only spends 10-15 minutes a day with her. even the staff there ask her "why are you here" and "you dont need to be in this place" she did cut her leg because she was having a dream and she didnt know if she was awake and couldnt feel anything so she cut her leg. i am just trying to figure out what to do. it angers ne that the dr wanted her to be there so he could spend "more time with her" and he spends no time with her hardly at all.