I have been seeing this doctor for 5 years. However, I have been seeing Psychiatrists for a very long time. I am on a few medications. 2 are controlled. My question is very simple.. I am out of medication. ALL of them. They are due for a refill. My pharmacy made this rule that I had to call in my meds 48 hours in advance. I am following their rules. I wasn't out then. However my doc. refused to abide by this rule. (even when they stated "she won't pick them up for 48 hours") Well, that was last Friday the 2nd. and now it's the 6th. Yesterday she still refused to fill them because she wasn't in the office. In all the times I have been her patient that has never been a problem. She is risking me having a break-down by refusing me my medication. I don't understand. Is this lawful? What do I do?? I'm scared, and confused.