First off, thanks so much for the responses - I really appreciate the straight answers, even though they confirmed a few fears. From what I've been able to gather, I seem to be at an early stage - my worst pain is in my hands - a varying dull ache punctuated by sharp or burning pain in the knuckles (typing this was a rough undertaking). Otherwise, my pains jump around, hitting my hips, right knee and elbows - although, now that I mention it, my knee and hips feel okay right now. Sitting for too long (+/- an hour) makes me very stiff, and it can sometimes be difficult to rise, but once I get moving, I can usually walk it off. I've only had my Primary and one Specialist opine on my state, and have yet to get a consult with my Dermatologist - he's a roadshow, and only in town once a month. As to meds, the NSAIDs I'm on don't seem to help my hands at all, even though this is the 3rd different type and dosage. I have xrays of my hands, hips and lower back pending, and I'm due to revisit my Specialist in 6 months -- but if things go as it appears they may, that schedule may need to change!
So, given all of this, what I'm wondering now is whether things like glucosamine and chondroitin would do me any good?