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Psoriatic Arthritis - Does PA affect your mood and cause extreme fatigue ?

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Donna Varady 1 Dec 2016

Yes, PSA causes fatigue and new studies also lean towards a metabolic component to the disease, we already know that left untreated it can affect your heart, brain and lungs so without a doubt fatigue goes with at the very least with the heart issues many of us have heart palpitations, fluctuations in our BP. Secondary disease is always an issue with any autoimmune disease so it's super important to keep a good list of your syumptoms and if you become worse it may be time to either go on biologicals or change to a stronger or one more tailored to you.
Wish I could blame moods on the disease but I don't like those types of excuses so...
No in regards to the bad moods they are not caused by the disease we control those unfortunately, however it's a painful, exhausting disease so who can blame a person for feeling depressed or quick to temper... that said if your disabled like I am with this disease my care givers deserve as much respect as I can give them and I tend to give them a pass when I can and when I can't I always try to temper my words, listen were blessed to have the support, right and I think it's our responsibility to show those who love us that we care in any way that we can and sometimes the nicest thing we can do is just ignore there annoying habits cause we're no picnic to take care of my poor DH must go 50 miles a week round trip just for my biological, he gives blood for me and drives me everywhere all the while maintaining a large practice so he can leave dinner dishes wherever he wants lol free discount card

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