Today i was prescribed prozac. Can you tell me your expierencing and story? How do You take prozac? I get mad and sad my mom asks all these questions i feel like is to make me feel small. She says. Take half, n talks about my problems out loud Im 18. Can i see your pills? And i told my sister about something personal and she tells my mom. Like omg it gets me mad n she bullies me n my mom does too. N said to me Well good. I got kicked out of my dads i was being abused there. I was abused as à child and manipulated. I was also in an abusive relationship. And i finally got some help. Im scared to take prozac. Im just really scared and nervous. How do You feel? Were You scared to take it? How do You feel about taking prozac now? Tell me everything! It says i have to take it orally on the paper.