I take have taken Prozac and Dexedrine xr for 10 plus years. They both have stopped working well. Dex was just recently switched to Adderall xr. The Adderall xr seems to be working much cleaner. But I need to switch or add to the prozac. I am really nervous about this because all meds I have tried have made me much worse accept the Prozac. Celexa was ok if taken with Prozac at low dose.. but made me tired and dumb and possibly less anxious... I have tried, Wellbutrin-made me angry and cold but organized, Effexor - had vertigo and tunnel vision after one dose, Sam-e helped but had anxiety, 5htp unmotivated numb and dumb, paroxetine -depression and anxiety much worse, and 1 other ssri I can't remember that also made my symptoms worse. I have heard of something called Viibryd. had anyone taken this with prozac or stopped prozac and started this? Anyone know if it would work well with a adhd med?