I've been on sixty milligrams of Prozac for fifty-seven days, eight weeks, and I still don't feel so well. Overall, I've been on Prozac itself since December 2015, but I started at ten milligrams; and ever since then, I've been slowly coming up to a higher dosage, and now I'm on sixty, which is a relatively high dose. My OCD has got somewhat better, but it's still not that better; I still don't feel that enthusiastic about life as I used to. I've read on some people's forums that for some people it can take more than eight weeks, likely up to twelve weeks, to work for one. Prozac has also helped too; I feel a little bit better than I did a few months ago, and I feel as if I have my life in the right direction. I know that Prozac is particularly slow acting. I'm just wondering: Have I given it the old college try? Or should I stay with it several more weeks to see if anything changes?