Questions for Prozac users.

Have a meeting with Doc coming up soon and over-thinked and self-talked too much lately. Doing the right things to help myself with my anxiety. A little bio if I may, 66 YO retiree, OCD, PTSD and likely others, and 200lbs and Type 2 diabetic and chronic constipation. Been on 45mg Prozac for a couple of years and it has helped more with depression than anxiety. Was taking gabapentin for neuropathy. Was told by Pdoc that the med “amplified” the effects of the Prozac. I came to realize that my anxiety had been building and try to identify why. Encountered a story about “akathisia” and found this described the extreme nature of my anxiety.
Have been off the gabapentin for over a week now and I am seeing less anxiety.
I have added exercise at a local gym and watching my diet, to combat constipation and these things help. The anxiety is worse in the AM and I am feeling much less anxiety after 6. The remaining anxiety manifests itself a with confusion which is the main problem I hope to solve. Sleep only slightly an issue.

Now the questions;
Are all SSRIs the same?
Should I stay the course and stick with Prozac?
Should I take in the evening instead of the morning?
Has anyone else experienced any drug interactions that I should avoid?

My mental confusion shows a bit in how I wrote this as it is 7 AM now. Just looking for some discussion prior to meeting my PDoc.