I was prescribed with Prozac 2 weeks ago. I was supposed to start taking 10 mg of Prozac everyday and at the end of the first week I was going to increase it to 20 mg. However, I miscalculated the dosage and took 40 mg for a week, then decreased it to 20. The first week was much better for me, I was feeling more energetic and social and did not have any side-effects of the drug except for dilated pupils and a bit of jaw tension. Also my mood was much better at the end of the week.
But ever since I've decreased it to 20 mg now I am feeling more tired and depressed. I do not want to leave my bed and it is really hard for me to get socialize with people. What should I do now? Should I continue with 20 mg until I get used to it? Are these side-effects will pass soon?