Hi, Been on prozac for a week. I used to "get it on" two to three times a day. Now despite my boyfriends best attempts I can't climax, infact i feel like im dead down there. I have found I am more relaxed and alot less anxious. I am no longer insecure and am able to focus, however I still like to watch movies with a glass or two of wine although I can't catch a "buzz" but it is more like a habit for me. movie =drink in hand.

The lack of sex drive bothers me but I still give it up to my bf although I dont get aroused by his kissing.

I started taking my prozac in the am but after work I had no energy for the gym. I took my prozac at night which was better. I FINALLY slept through the night.

Can I still have 3 glasses of wine while I watch a movie and will the tiredness and lack of sex drive Go away?? Overall I like the drug, would be perfect for me if I didnt want to go to the gym or have sex...

Can anyone who had a similar experience give me advice?