... have rights or do people have the right to kill me without even telling me i was gonna die with this combo i was having symptoms pointing towards death more and more with each sign also the memory loss was there but i didnt realize it because this drug somehow covers the fact you have memory loss luckily my family did notice and started telling me things that went back almost a year , on this drug i want people to know you may be having problems and not realize it because what i have learned , and i think is before our time this drug covers itself and then covers the fact it could be killing you, i call this drug the lie drug because of the fact unless you are and i mean closely monitored you will never know that you went through it it really got rid of all my memory and replaced it with false good results i strongly advise if you are on paxil you have yourself , dont worry about waiting till you make a deadly descision , you probably allready are and you dont know it because this drug in my opinion really covers the fact that you have depression or mental problems and on top of that it covers itself twice over and basically covers lies of false good basically this is a lie drug you think youre doing better and all along you will be having all the side effects and not realize it it covers itself not once of the fact its helping but twice to make you forget about any problems or side effects listed that to me i have clearly realized i have had. this is very dangerous because without even knowing you could be dieing or harming others and this medicine covers itself so well you won't even know it. basically dont even take the risk of even being on it, because sooner or later it happens, basically if youre on it get off and if youre on it let someone you can trust help you monitor i promise this is a lie drug i feel designed to lie its patients into believeing its working and in reality youre either dieing from what it does to you or dont know until your mind breaks and too late you realize, its a screen and you still have all those problems you had before, lies lies lies lies thats all this medicine does to you and when mixed with tramadol , or other medicines it lies even more , basically a cover up drug until your body and mind knowing the truth, on its own worse off because it is too late decides hey this medicine is done and im grabbing my life back! BUT USUALLY BY THEN YOU DONT REALIZE THE CRAZY AND STUPID THINGS THAT THIS MEDICINE HAS caused you to do until its too late, kinda like a bad friend stealing candy sticking it in your pocket and blaming it on you by the time you realize it its usually too late and that friend takes its famous exit by saying "uhh you dont remember that is what you did not me " this is very hard to understand but believe me it is and will always be just what i call it the cover up and in your lowest times a lie drug, because among other things the main thing it takes away from you is memory , and without that you could be noticing it but it makes you forget , this is why it works so well. Me being sorda self hurt i realized i lost alot of memory and instead of trust i started investagating it and sure enough i was right , if you dont believe me start writing down what you do , i mean everything , by loosing your memory it is what makes this drug so successful if you dont remember bad times it seem as if it dont even go bad but challenge yourself write things down i guarantee you will forget alot , veryscarry when you realize dam i forgot that even happen, you will then get off these meds