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I am on Prozac for PTSD and panic attacks but I would like to know a few other meds that help?

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balbanese 21 Mar 2015

It's a very long list. Thing is, no way anyone can tell which ones will hep you, no even your Dr as anything prescribed needs 2-3 weeks or more to settle in. Complicating matters more is the prescnce of he med you're already on, as the adjustment also involves and interaction as well.
Discuss with your Dr and allow him/her to make the suggestions, always much better than going in with suggestions from the Internet.

jbshandrew 22 Mar 2015

If you live in a state, which has legalized the use of cannabis you can try small amounts as I have done.

Cannabis has helped me in a way that my prescribed MH meds have not.

havehope1 20 May 2015

I have tried them all... lexapro seems to help best w valium as needed. 30mg lexapro. Higher dose but has helped. Tried going off and went into deep depression. Just added abilify today due to recent trauma. Lexapro gives u an even keel feeling. No real highs or lows ..kind of numbing but way better than severe depression and anxiety! Blessings free discount card

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