I am a district manager, so under quite abit of pressure. But I love my team. I have also been battling chronic back pain and conditions for 3 years. I take a daily concoction of solpaldol, Tramadol and pregabalin to get through the daily pain. I am with the pain clinic and I do have more options planned. But my main concern is that all this has changed my life completely and if honest with myself I have been feeling depressed for 6 month or more because I can't take the daily pain anymore and still try and work with all the tiredness and pain. 2 weeks ago I plucked up the courage to tell my doctor how I am feeling..I wouldn't let him sign me off as I don't want to let my team down and he put me on fluoxetine 20mg... I still feel so down, I don't want to go out, go to work as I hate it now, but I do and put on a brave face or I do not want to do anything really.. I am tearful and this is totally not my personality type. People come to me 4 help and I support others... I am hoping someone can reassure me it will get better as I know it can take longer to feel better on this. Thank you if you do take the time to reply.