I have been taking 60mg Prozac for almost 3 months. I still get extreme mood swings more so when in stressful situations and constant low moods (lack energy, motivation and frequent bouts of wanting to cry but can't). The most noticeable difference/improvement is less frequent severe attacks of OCD. Obviously psych/psychologist are very pleased on the OCD result and ask me to be patient which I am desperately trying to be.
My sleep pattern is dreadful, I get perhaps 3 hours sleep then wake up and can't sleep again, have night terrors each night, consistently poor concentration. It is difficult for me to get an accurate perspective on this as one of my issues (which I am working on with my psychologist) is being unable to decipher how I truly feel due to my coping mechanism of detaching.
Taking something like valium is not effective as it enhances the low energy - makes me sleepy and is only a very short term measure and not an alternative for me with addiction history.
I am due to see my psychologist this afternoon and would welcome how I need to address this as it has got so bad that thoughts of suicide have returned, however, I must stress that they are only thoughts, I have many good reasons which have made taking that route not an alternative. Obviously, even thoughts perturb me as they reflect my instability and insanity.
Really would appreciate any suggestions on medication or how to address the severity to psych team.
Thank you, Aud