I've been on Prozac 10-20mg for about 2 weeks now. I've been on it before and it worked for me, but got off of it because i thought i didn't need it anymore. I now regret that. 3 months after stopping, the depression and anxiety slowly started coming back. So after 9 months i went back to my doctor, and he prescribed the same medication. The first week of it i felt completely fine, and started enjoying life a bit more. It wasn't until 3 days ago where i started feeling worse than before (most notably at night). I have completely lost my appetite, I eat about 1-2 small meals a day now, I'm always starving, but i just can't force myself to eat. Anxiety has been worse than it has been in a long time, especially at night, and i know it has something to do with the anti-depressant. My question is: Is this normal? If it is, how long until these terrible side effects wear off?