Hi everyone, my names Mark and I’m a 26 year old male. I have OCD that brings on intrusive thoughts, repetitive thought patterns that brutalize my mental state. I also suffer with a feeling of on edge anxiety most of the time, and most recently noticed I’m starting to feel agoraphobic and when discussing with my doctor he said the symptoms I describe were pretty spot on. I tried a few other meds prior and they made things so much worse. I believe I’m very sensitive to anti-depressants. Then I was prescribed 20 mg of Prozac and it was amazing. It stopped the intrusive thoughts it helped me in every way and for once didn’t give me any initial troubles. However, I ran out after about maybe 2 years or so and started back up after a few weeks to months and again it felt so much better. Well I ended up in the habit again and with school and work was not able to refill my prescription. Finally after 3-4 months I got the ok and went to my pharmacy. However, this time they changed the manufacture and when I took it I had terrible feelings of anxiety levels and insomnia with my ocd coming back and it lasted for 2.5 weeks. I tried to cut it down and everything as it was a tablet. To which I ended up stopping until seeing my doctor again. My doctor suggested we try a capsule form in 20 mg because it will be a different manufacturer then this current table (Sarafem). I’m wondering if anyone has helpful advice or thoughts on capsule vs tablet as now I’m mildly nervous to try this form. Thank you guys so much for everything and anything will be appreciated.