Hi, I'm new here and due to some uncertainty with my doctors I have decided to come here for help, or really anything. Since I was really young my family and I have known something or things aren't right with me, mentally and physically. I have always shown symptoms of ADHD and ADD, along with some things that pointed to autism and ocd. At a very young age I was diagnosed with a censory problem (?) With little to no information on it or what it's caused by, for example autism, ocd ect, and was told it would be looked at again later. It wasn't. Around the age of 11, a few years later I started getting very bad vertigo and passing out, getting to a point of dizziness every day and the inability to be active or even stand still for very long, some days were worse than others, as I would faint in the worst cases, upon an appointment with my family doctor he told me I'm just tall, and to take my time standing up. This went on until I was about 13 and I randomly started losing my appatite for days, and eventually a full week of being disgusted by the thought of eating because I would feel sick if I tried when I wasn't hungry. I lost roughly 50 pounds, landing me at the doctor's again, for him to think I was anorexic or doing this to myself because of my age and I am female, he said this was very common and refered me to a therapist, who I also assured this was 100% involuntary. I was a little on the bigger side, but I didn't mind, I knew something was wrong, and so did some of my family members, but nothing was done, and I went on to feel this up to this day, but now it's accompanied by nausea and vomiting pretty much every day. 5 months ago I had a stroke, I was referred to a neurologist, but still no appointment. Doctors seemed to look past it because I'm young, and I was given an inhaler for lung problems I had after. My therapist has put me on birth control thinking it was a hormone imbalance, Prozac because she thought it was my body image and that I was depressed, and I'll admit at this point I was, but not about my body image but what I go through every day with this mystery problem. The Prozac didn't work, and did much more harm than good, and didn't work at all the way it was supposed to, much more the opposite. I was taken off Prozac and prescribed biphentin. It helped me focus but surprised my doctors when it started helping with that, but i was still vomiting every day and now had insane stomach and lower back pain. I was prescribed an anti acid, and at this point started having worse lung problems, and my cardiologist sent me for an ultrasound on my kidneys, thinking it's a kidney problem. I've been on a wait list for the ultrasound for over a month with no call. I've lost in total 176 pounds to this mystery illness and at this point I have become suicidal, not in a sense that I always want to take my life, but that I would rather die than sit over the toilet every day in immense pain, almost unable to breathe. Are my doctors trying? Does this sound like something that makes sense? I'm 16 years old, I don't drink, I dont do drugs. I don't feel sick all hours of the day, but most. I don't go to the ER for this, as I know nothing can really be done, and I'm almost used to it and I'm just waiting for my appointments. Is there possibly anything I can do to ease this while I wait? Thank you, to (and if) anyone that reaches out. (Throughout this I was also diagnosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety but a specific incident sparked that to my knowledge and I feel it is unrelated but in case it could be I'm adding it in)