I am really scared. The prozac didn't work... we started low 5 and slowly increased to 20... I had side effects Jaw clenching, middle of night wake ups, and she lowered to 15 mg. I felt very revved up during the day, anxious. I took myself off the meds completely..have used .25 klonopin twice in last week. Not sure if I should try Zoloft..I am very nervous, but I have suffered from anxiety and panic for a while and really want my life back. I have read success stories, I am not sure if it was my own fear of meds, my therapist or I didn't give it enough time, but the SSRI experience wasn't good. Is zoloft better? I can't bear to have anxiety on a drug I am taking to get rid of anxiety. Also, the sleep disruption scares me . Please help!!