What interactions exist between prozac and long term methadone use? Am particularly concerned about inducing withdrawal symptoms since sometimes I've heard people say this happens even though all data I can find on the net contradicts this.

Female, 46, has been on methadone for 19 years now with *very* positive results - haven't touched heroin since 1992 and all opiod cravings are gone.

However, five years ago - today, in fact - I had a very bad breakup from a 10 year relationship which was (for me, at least) absolutely as perfect as I could have ever wanted. That being the case it's 'too hard an act to follow', no one else has slightly interested me since 2006, and since I seem to be starting menopause anyway the antilibido effect of prozac does not scare me any more since I feel zero sexuality now anyway.

I am planning on getting on Prozac soon since I am really sick of this mental and physical apathy that only struck after the breakup so I really doubt is methadone related. Unfortunately, I have been turning to amphetamines for energy but not only is this obviously bad for me, speed is not as pure as it once was 5 to 10 years ago and so the chance of getting poisoned from idiot meth lab cooks increased owing to drug-war idiocy that made ephedrine too dangerous to obtain. So this year I've knocked most speed use out of my life - it never got to the point of being daily anyway - but I want to end its use completely.

But without it I feel half-minded, energy is null, and creativity completely gone since I am completely without motivation.So I guess I'm ready to take the plunge: even as someone who used to be rabidly anti-SSRI; maybe at this phase of my life, it will have something to offer me, now that I no longer fear libido-lack since Nature takes that from we women once we're too old to make babies anyway. (Stupid nature... lol.) Thanks, Emma from SF