Hi everyone,
When I was maybe 20-21 I finally found Prozac and it changed my life around for the better. I got up to 60 mg for my ocd, anxiety and panic. I started to get lazy with taking pills and eventually when I ran out I wasn’t able to fill my prescription. Well maybe a little less than a year later I was able to get a new doctor and rX some Prozac but starting on my 5th day of 10 mg I had a strange new anxiety symptom. It felt like I was going to fall into the sky and the sky seemed so huge and overwhelming and caused so much anxiety. Since then the panic and fear of this seems to not have stopped and it’s really becoming interfering and bothersome. It’s only been 2 more days since that initial feeling but I immediately stopped, because the fear was so awful and irrational? Does anyone know anything about this or any helpful advice?

Thank You So Much,