... about depo shot? Maybe had bad symptoms coming off but body straightened back to normal? Was on it for 4.5 yrs. Missed my last shot Dec 2013. Got my first period in 4 years a few days ago (3/13/14). So far I'm on my 4th day. 1st day was normal how my periods used to be on a heavy day. Had to change tampon after 7 hrs but wasn't leaking. 2nd day was a nightmare, had to change tampon every hour and a half cause it was so full already it was leaking. Gyno said it's normal and my body is just rebalancing itself. 3rd day slightly better, had to change tampon every 3.5 hrs. 4th day thought was done overnight tampon only 1/4 full and nothing came out for a few hours in morning. But at work it came back. Not heavy bleeding but clear fluid is coming out sometimes mixed with blood sometimes by itself. Undies always feel wet.

Anyone have this problem? and also is there anyone who maybe had bad effects coming off it but your body returned to normal? I'm reading all this stuff about how your period will never be the same and I'm getting scared. Don't wanna go back on cause gained way too much weight and don't want to gain anymore