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I'm on the pill and we don't use protection but he pulls out before he finishes. Is it safe??? H?

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mykaylaxx 24 Feb 2016

As long as you take your pill every day on time, you should be safe. My bf came inside me once and i was on brith control. I didnt get pregnant. Good luck :)

hazzalfc 24 Feb 2016

I took my pill last Sunday and it's now Wednesday and still not on my period, we had unprotected sex on Sunday but didn't not come inside me and pulled out. Why am I still not on my period?

mykaylaxx 24 Feb 2016

Either your body was too used to the pills and its taking a while. Or you're stressing about it so ita delaying it. Or some miracle happened and you're pregnant. But as long as you didnt have sex on any days that you didnt take your pill, you wont be pregnant. free discount card

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