My boyfriend and I hadn't had sex for awhile so we decided too on his birthday. The 30th of April. I had my period like 3 days before that. So we had sex and then decided to switch postitions, so we did. And went at it again. Then he just left it in there for like 1 minute or so. Then he pulled out and it looked like it was off just a little. Looked like it wasn't all the way on. Then like 5 days ago I started having hunger problems like I haven't eating in 2 days when I literally just ate. It's nonstop. My boobs are tingly. I have headaches constantly. I have puked once. I am having major heartburn. Having cramps. Terrible cramps. And I feel nauseous all the time. Especially when I smell different foods. I am also very tired a lot too. Am I pregnant? I figured since I used a condom I couldn't be but my friends are telling me different. I need help? I'm 16 and just looking for answers.