I recently came off the pill (Yasmin) a month or so ago. I had protected sex 4 times and I know for a fact we put the condom on properly and they were before their expiry date and he even held onto the base of the condom when ejaculating. The problem is I know that period will be delayed for a couple of weeks and pre-contraception I had quite irregular periods anyway, so my paranoia is extremely high.

The reason I stopped taking the pill was because I'd always have thrush right before I was on my period and a couple of days after my period had finished and it got annoying and frustrating having to deal with it. Ever since coming off the pill I haven't had any thrush and am relieved to be honest.

When I was on the pill I was extremely paranoid of getting pregnant everytime I had sex and was genuinely thankful for my period coming even if I had a heavy period and had headaches and cramps.

I was wondering if I could have any advice. I can't afford to get pregnant and I don't want to bring shame on my family if I did become pregnant.

Three main questions:
1. Likelihood of being pregnant?
2. Approximately when should I expect a period?
3. How should I deal with my paranoia and anxiety whenever I have sex?