So I’ve had Nexplanon for almost 3 years (hasn’t expired yet) and i have a very irregular period and my last cycle was 45 days and most of my periods are around the same amount of days. So My period started on July 18th, my period went off on day 10 (July 27), I had sex on day 16 of my cycle (Aug 2), today is now day 33 of my cycle (Aug 19), one whole month and a day from the start of my last period. My period has never been regular while I've had Nexplanon . On the day I had sex I was completely safe, we used a condom it did not break, he did not come, and there was no pre-cum and of course I have Nexplanon . I now have a really dark brown discharge and it started on Friday (Aug 17) and ended earlier today (Aug 19). I’ve looked it up and I keep seeing either implantation bleeding or mid cycle spotting and I’ve taken every quiz there is on the two terms and it’s keeps coming back as mid cycle spotting. Not to mention if I am on a 45 day cycle I didn’t start ovulating until now day 33. And I’ve read that implantation bleeding doesn’t start until a week or so after ovulation so I’m a little confused. My Nexplanon expires in October but I have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday (Aug 23) to get it replaced so that we don’t wait til the last minute. I am always a safe person I never have sex without a condom and I know that Nexplanon is 99% but is there any way that I could be pregnant I mean I took every precaution and I try to be as safe as I can but now I’m starting to stress a little and I know that’s not good so please help.