I had protected sex with my boyfriend on May 9. That weekend, the 14-18, i had my period. It was a normal period, it started off a little lighter than usual but it got heavier as it went on. We had sex again on the 21, protected of course. we didnt check for holes (we usually do) and he ejaculated in the condom inside of me. Recently, i started taking my anti depressants again (celexa) after not taking them for about a month. I took them for three days (26-28) and i experienced nausea, fatigue, and anxiety, which are side effects of the medication, but i couldnt help but think they could be pregnancy symptoms. I stopped taking the medication and the nausea subsided, but i broke out on my face into bite-like bumps. Not pimples, because they didnt have a head to them. I heard that breaking out is an early sign of pregnancy. Yesterday, the 30th, i experienced light cramping in one side of my uterus, so i assumed i was ovulating. However today, the cramping switches sides, but mostly is on the left, aka the side im ovulating on. I have not been uriniating frequently, nor have i been constipated. However, my nipples seem a bit darker thqn usual, but i cant tell for sure. As well, my breasts look fuller and feel a bit sore to the touch, but nothing extremely out of the ordinary. I took a few quizzes online and they all said i am probably not pregnant, but i am so anxious about it. I am probably just dealing with PMS, my period is due in 11 days. However, i cant help but feel paranoid about the possibility of beint pregnant.