I had some great help when I posted this before but I still need help
I had sex with my boyfriend a day after my last period, I have been on the mini-pill for about 3-4 months now. We used a condom and he pulled out with the condom. My period usually comes after 24 days, but it has been 28 now. I have also been stressed with family issues going on and I know stress can play a major role in delaying periods. I also know anytime you have sex you risk being pregnant.
But my question is, is it likely I am pregnant? Or should I stop worrying?

ALSO, I am on the mini pill Camila, none of the pills are inactive, I got my last period on April 20th until April 25th then had spotting on the 27th, all dark old blood, and now I haven't gotten my period yet.

I am extremely worried mainly because I suffer from bad anxiety.
The sex was not for very long at all due to the level of pain I had. So no he didn't finish and again we had condom, birth control, AND pull out. It was my second time with someone, I am 18, not 14 and going out and having sex.
I am just extremely concerned is all and I guess my severe anxiety doesn't help.