Me and my girlfriend had protected sex on Friday 29th of May and I did not ejaculate inside of her. later we talked about what had happened and she was a bit concerned because I did not ejaculated inside of her and I was very careful putting on the condoms. I told her that I wasn't comfortable having sex during her fertile window also I felt uncomfortable because I knew that the 29th was the 14th day of her period The day she ovulated and the day we should have we should avoid having sex. In my home country the pill is still somewhat of a taboo She is in the process of seeing a doctor so she can get them and in sex Ed ,They told us that when a woman is ovulating you should avoid having sex with her the day before and the day after just as an extra layer of protection.

She then said that she doesn't ovulate on the 14th and in fact she ovulates a bit earlier in the month and according to her she ovulated on the 26 or 27 and that more than 24 hours have passed since that so she should be fine in terms of the fertility window. I was confused and asked her why she showed me an application in her phone she uses to tracker her period she had three one was called clue the other grow and the last one ovia I thinks and the apps showed that in fact she ovulated in the 26 or 27. These are her previous periods.

1. 24 Feb--- 24Mar
2. 24Mar--- 18Apr
3. 18Apr--- 15 May

According to her she has 26-28 cycle and her priod should arrive on the 10 or 12 on June is this correct??? And if so then could she have ovulated on day 12 or 13 of her period ???