My partner and I were having sex and the first time we were having sex my condom fell off when I took my penis out to adjust myself and it fell on the floor ( I did not go back in unprotected) then a few minutes later we had sex again this time my condom broke while I was taking my penis out . Both times I did NOT ejaculate in or around her at all. After these incidents she took a plan b pill to be safe about 30-45 minutes after these incidents happened( we took the pill after the second incident ) Her last period was June 30 and we had these incidents on July 10 and she said she doesn't start to ovulate until July 13 so I'm stressing about whether the plan b will protect us fully until then or should she take a second one to be safe? The plan b says it will last for 3 days but semen stays in the vagina for up to 5 days and maybe longer. So should we take another one? Please help as soon as possible before its too late !