I have been diagnosed multiple times with severe clinical depression. Recently (for the last 6 to 8 months) was prescribed Effexor that did absolutely nothing for me. My depression increased so much I found myself in a very dark place.

I discovered what I understand is that Effexor is traditionally presecirbed for those suffereing bi-polar disorder which is an entirely different brain chemical than that affecting those with clinical depression. Then had Lithium added on top of that for mood stabilization.

I am seeing a new psychiatrist who has now prescribed Pristiq. In my research I am understanding that Pristiq is similatr to Effexor (related, a cousin).

I am very concerned that I am not being properly medicated. I have had a long hard time over the last year with medication and it appears the general practitioner had me way off track. I told the new psyciatrist that Effexor had me in a really bad place. I am concerned that I am still going in the wrong direction.

Are there any experts out there that can give me some information... questions to ask... suggestions when speaking with my doctor?


PS - I posted this question and it does not seem to be appearing in my list of questions. How do you know your question has actually been submitted?