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I have prostate cancer can I take vicodin?

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kaismama 19 Sep 2013

I can't think of a reason not to.

MacIntosh12 19 Sep 2013

I agree with kaismama, you should have your pick of pain meds! If you are suffering, speak up to your urologist or oncologist! Don't suffer in silence.
Best wishes to you and I hope you heal quickly,

HeadStarter 19 Sep 2013

What is your oncologist recommending or is vicodin the recommended drug?

If you are in pain and undergoing treatment, too, gosh I would think your doctor would recommend a pain specialist who would be able to prescribe something to help you cope with that pain... maybe even stronger or longer acting, than vicodin. I like the anesthesiologists the best for pm. I hope your journey is a smooth one, complication free and pain free.

K-Lab 21 Sep 2013

The only reason I can think of as to why someone may say no to taking vicodin if you have prostate cancer, and this is purely from what happens to me when I take it, is that no matter how much water or liquid I drink I have a difficult time urinating. I either don't, or have the urge to but just can't. I'm wondering if that side effect could cause difficulties to one with prostate cancer? free discount card

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