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Prosed DS - Who is the manufacturer? Do they have patient assistance program?

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robo 16 Aug 2009

Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

You will find contact details on their website at

kabardis 4 Sep 2009

father has used for yrs. prosed ds and new prosedmade by ferring is missing two ingr.

I have used Prosed DS for 5 years and recently went on Medicare. My Medicare Part D prescription plan does not cover Prosed DS (or any of the similar drugs) and it will cost me over $1100 for a 90 day supply. I simply cannot afford to continue using Prosed DS and would like to know if you have a patient assistance program.

lynda23wilkie 9 Aug 2011

I have been on Prosed DS for 7+ years. I am currently looking for a Generic of this Med. I can NO LONGER take this medication because I simply CANNOT pay for it. Is there are Generic available? I am currently on Medicare and have Humana for my medication (Part D) This medication, naturally, is NOT covered. Ridiculous. I am a retired cardiac/thoracic Nurse. I worked numerous years in this OR until I was diagnosed with MS 7+ years ago. I find it unbelievable that I cannot afford my medications. Is there anyone out there that can help me??? I am on numerous medications because of this horrendous disease. That's not bad enough though, I can't afford several of these Meds. for eg. Lyrica, Cymbalta, Tamsulosin, MS Contin(s), Miralax, etc... My out of pocket has been as much as $6,000 in one year. PLEASE let me know where I can get help. I often feel that I'm better off dead!

Mary Jane Cranston 29 Aug 2011

Lynda, Like you, I am also on Medicare and cannot afford most of the medications prescribed for IC. It was bad enough, but then in June I reached the amount where I fell into the donut hole, so now must pay full price for everything. Miralax is not a prescription and BJs and Costco sell it for less than most pharmacies. I wonder if you had your doctor write a prescription anyway, you might get it even cheaper. I was taking Nexium and talked to my doctor about the generic. He said that if he wrote a prescription for the generic they would pay for it. I took it to the local pharmacy and it was free! I don't know if everything would be free, but it might be worth having a prescription for Miralax and seeing how much it would cost. I think I will try that myself for Miralax! free discount card

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