I have not been online for quite sometime... too painful, but my husband has been opiate free for about 2 months. YET, he is now talking suboxone therapy.. He is with a counselor, and it was her suggestion. He says he is not sure how long his will power will last. I have SOOO many concerns! From what I gleaned from a myriad of online resources, these are the top ones are:

1. It is the same exact family of med. as what was a problem for my husband.

2. There is an initial period of euphoria that mimics what was a problem for him. Many quotes of, "I don't crave ______________b/c I get to take subs every morning!"

3. There is a period of withdrawal, medical withdrawal that although is not as uncomfortable it can be significant.

4. The maintenance phase can be indefinite. so it is like replacing one drug with another.

5. If and when the suboxone therapy is complete, how does one really maintain a drug free lifestyle when their success w/o opiates has been by using opiates???

Then, for anyone who read my initial posts, there are the ridiculously selfish reasons for not being on this drug. Any help, suggestions, comments from people using/used suboxone? Or comments from anyone in my boat who is watching a loved one struggle with this?