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How does propranolol treat migraine?

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SpineLady 18 Feb 2014

The only reason I can think of for the doctor prescribing Propranolol for Migraines is that it helps shrink the blood vessels in your body. It is commonly used for high blood pressure and such. There are some wonderful medications out there made just for migraines which I think would do you much more good. Does this work at all for your migraines, and is the doctor prescribing this either a pain doctor, or a neurologist? If this is a Primary doctor, I would ask for a referral to someone who knows about migraines, as this isn't the best medication for them. I was just reading, on this site, that they've just approved a new Migraine med, that is better than Imitrex with less side effects. I can't think of the name of it right now, but if you look up Migraines in the search engine on this site, you'll find the name of it. I plan on asking about it at my next pain doctor visit, as Imitrex gives me horrible heart palpitations, so I've had to suffer through with less effective meds. Look into the information here, its a wonderful guide, and then try to get something more beneficial for migraines!!

rlo468 22 May 2014

I am on Propranolol as preventative for Migraines. I am allergic to the migraine medications. I have been on everything under the sun to try to prevent and treat my migraines. This is helping! Although, I have to take a very high dose. Question has anyone heard of this causing hair loss? free discount card

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