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Propranolol - does propranolo help with anxiety?

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LaurieShay 18 Oct 2015

It can help with the physical symptoms of anxiety such as increased blood pressure, rapid heart rate and the like.

chuck1957 19 Oct 2015

aminka454 It can help just by helping with the symptoms that get the anxiety going out of control. I have taken it for years with other meds and it helps keep me under control so for mild anxiety it can help this is also people take this for stage freight when they are talking in front of a crowd etc and musicians have used it on stage also but if you continue to have anxiety your doctor may have to add something to it. Hope between mine and Laurie's answer give you a good idea for me it makes enough difference that i can't go without it. Have a good evening.

crazydude81 25 Oct 2015

Yes, I take it 3 times daily for my Rapid Cycling Bipolar 1 & Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I take 60 mg. in the AM, 40 at lunch, 40 right after work. Set reminders, its not like a benzo that fixes things well after the fact--I use it as a tool to get through my day & not breakdown. I carry my pills on my keychain, I'm pretty serious about enjoying life & not letting anxiety overwhelm me anymore, too many years of that... free discount card

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